If you are working as a freelancer or gig worker, you are one of many. Millions of men and women are earning extra income driving for ride sharing services, designing websites for online entrepreneurs, and writing for local businesses. A number of freelancers and gig workers have even waved goodbye to their traditional careers, trading… Read More

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Many of our clients that come to us with back tax problems are self-employed. For one reason or another, they fall behind on their taxes. With COVID-19, small businesses have been hit the hardest and despite the government stimulus bills, there are still millions of businesses teetering on the edge of failure. It’s understandable that… Read More

The upswing of freelancing, self-employed and gig work is one of the biggest labor stories of the last 20 years. More and more workers have been looking beyond the normal nine to five and making their own way in the world, creating an income they can rely on, one that is directly tied to their… Read More

A friend of mine recently told me that to enroll their kid in dance lessons, violin lessons, or swimming lessons, the price is $90/month. That can certainly add up! What if your business was structured in such a way that provided an opportunity for you to pay for those expenses with pre-taxed dollars? Hiring your… Read More

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