You Could Be Subject to Tax Fraud or a Tax Audit.

Are you protected?


No one thinks it can happen to them, but every year, many people discover they have been the victim of tax fraud. Someone steals your identity, files a tax return in your name and then gets your refund money. When you file, you’re told they already have a return in your name and you’re not getting anything. Now what?


There’s also the risk you run every year of being audited. The IRS receives the form your professional tax preparer sent in, and even though everything is correct, they “claim” you owe more or that your deduction doesn’t count. What do you do? There aren’t many who know how to handle these types of situations.


You need the help of someone who knows how to fight for you and who specializes in dealing with the IRS.


I am a professional tax preparer who offers an audit protection plan that can give you the peace of mind you need. Why talk to the IRS yourself, when someone who deals with them on a consistent basis can do it for you? When you take advantage of an audit protection plan, you can be sure that the right forms are being turned in and the right information shared, without adding any extra doubt to the amount you deserve as a return.


You can pay tons after or pay a small retainer that is a FRACTION of the costs others charge and it guarantees you priority if/when this happens to you. For a small fee now, you add the protection you need to your tax return.  Then, in the event that the IRS chooses to audit your return, you are already covered.  If you choose to opt out of this plan and then need the services later, you’re charged our regular hourly rate.  Don’t wait, be sure you’re covered!


How does someone even get chosen for an audit by the IRS?


The IRS uses a formula called the Discriminant Information Function, (DIF), to decide which returns are worth auditing and which aren’t. The DIF compares your tax return with those of your “peer group” – people with similar professions and income levels. If your co-worker is filing a much different tax return than you, one of you may receive a high DIF number, flagging the return to the IRS and making it more likely to receive an audit.


When an audit happens, it could be done one of two ways – via correspondence (the most common) or in-person. Either way, you want to give the IRS the information you need without giving them information they DON’T need.


A professional who specializes in tax resolution problems can help you. I am one of those pros and I’d love to help. If you are covered by an audit protection plan, then you don’t have to worry about paying extra fees for this service. You can go about your business know it is taken care of.


What about if my identity is stolen?


Every year, many people file their taxes only to be told someone else has already filed under their name.  How can this happen? If a thief gets a hold of your personal information, they can file on your behalf, as if they were you, and receive the money the government actually owes you.


This can be devastating and make it difficult to prove you didn’t file the first return or receive any of the money. While a tax professional is not necessarily an attorney, they can file a “2848 Power of Attorney” and represent you with the IRS.


Let someone else handle the headache of proving your identity and recovering your refund.


What exactly is included with an audit protection plan?


There are different levels of protection and you can work out with your tax professional which one is right for you. At My Tax Coaching, we offer various services which may include correspondence response, IRS audit representation, phone call updates and office visits, tax identity fraud remediation and more.  It’s best to sit down and have a conversation to determine what kind of protection you need.


Do I have to have an audit protection plan?


Short answer – no.  You can opt out of the protection plan and you don’t have to be covered. When you opt out, you acknowledge that you understand if an audit occurs, you will be paying the regular fees for the services you will need.


A smart move or peace of mind.


The best thing about an Audit Protection Plan, is the peace of mind it brings, knowing your tax return will be taken care of.  You wouldn’t buy a house without insurance or drive your car around without making sure you’re covered.  Why leave your taxes up in the air without a lifeline?


Even more than peace of mind, you will have protection from having to pay for audit defense (which can cost $3500 or more), or restoration of your tax identity and refund.


As the year comes to a close, keep next year’s taxes in mind.  Remember we are always here ready to assist you and offer you a free initial consultation.


Contact our office today so we can help you have the peace of mind that you desire as you enter into 2021.