Tax returns can often be filed with incomplete or incorrect information, leading you to more tax trouble than you bargained for. If you filed early, you may have forgotten income from a temporary job or a side gig, only to get a 1099 or late W2 for the income earned. Other filers may eventually realize… Read More

Taxes are one of those topics people hate to think about, let a lone talk about, especially if they end up owing money in back taxes every year. That’s why many taxpayers wait until the very last moment to prepare for tax season. It’s also why nearly 14 million Americans find themselves receiving threatening letters… Read More

Tax identity theft happens when identity thieves obtain your Social Security number and file a fraudulent tax return on your behalf. According to the Federal Trade Commission, tax identity theft is the most common form of identity theft. The FTC estimates that it costs taxpayers a whopping $5 billion a year. Consumer advocates believe that… Read More

There’s no doubt about it, a college education is important and useful for your child’s future. Do you ever worry that you can’t afford it? You aren’t alone. According to the Department of Labor, the cost of a college education is rising at a rate that surpasses the normal rate of inflation. Families can hardly… Read More

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Are you protected?   No one thinks it can happen to them, but every year, many people discover they have been the victim of tax fraud. Someone steals your identity, files a tax return in your name and then gets your refund money. When you file, you’re told they already have a return in your… Read More

If you owe back taxes, maybe you think you need a tax attorney, but that’s not necessarily always the case. Just like hiring a traditional accountant to try to resolve your tax debt might not be the best choice, hiring a tax attorney, who doesn’t specialize in tax resolution might be the same thing. When… Read More

When you owe creditors money that you can’t afford to repay, sometimes you may be able to get the debt forgiven or otherwise canceled. When this happens, you don’t owe your creditors the money that you used to owe them. The IRS, however, usually sees such canceled debt as income that you’ve received. Income that… Read More

For early adopters of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other popular cryptocurrencies, the profit potential has been simply stunning. There have definitely been some heart stopping moments and frightening ups and downs, but the clear long-term trajectory has been upward. If you are one of those early adopters who profited from the rise in cryptocurrency values, you… Read More

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